With the new “Horizon Zero Dawn” trailer, we finally get a glimpse of our main character

Horizon Zero Dawn jumps out to me in a way that most games don’t. The debut trailer last year was gorgeous, and the concept and art design are among some of my favorite. I saw the trailer as Jurassic Park meets Transformers, and even though I’m not a huge fan of either series, the two ideas combined just seems like a genius idea. And now, a couple days before E3 2016, we get a glorious new trailer that looks into the world and mind of our main character.

First of all, Guerrilla Games finally revealed that their mysterious female protagonist is called Aloy. I can’t tell if the name is a pun involving the robotic dinosaurs (because, you know, metal alloys?) Either way, I really love this name for a couple reasons. I feel like this game could either be really popular, or a cultish, underground hit. If Guerrilla Games creates a memorable main character, the name will be a great compliment. I would love to see this name grace some reviewer’s “Top 10 Female Protagonists” list. I feel like the name itself is so unique and awesome.


New Questions to Answer

Who is Aloy’s mother? Who are the Elders and are humans the Old Ones? And for god’s sake, why is Ygritte from Game of Thrones fighting robots? Both trailers have done phenomenal jobs of being trailers in the sense that they’ve both left us wanting more and wanting to figure out these answers for ourselves. By introducing this new trailer, the Killzone series creators have added even MORE questions about the world, the lore, and the people that created this world and those that inhabited it afterwards. As Aloy’s father says in the recent trailer, “You’ll be chasing a riddle into a wilderness of mysteries.”

A World Full of Breathtaking Designs

Both trailers have given a glimpse of an epic world created by developers who have been binging on some dystopian thriller movies. Let’s talk something that in my opinion, is very underrated when it comes to judging trailers. The sound design. From listening to the trailer alone, I’ve heard some very satisfying scores that will no doubt be gracing the soundtrack when the game comes out. The string arrangements accompanying the pounding tribal drums and the classic female vocals compliments a world of a very similar epic scale.

In the first trailer, they cut away from the music to bring some gameplay of Aloy hunting. Here is where we get an up close and personal glimpse of the mechanical pack itself. The roars from the machines fit so well with the grinding and cracking sound of the machinery itself. The growls and howls from the beasts give me a perfect image of what I want to see this game give me for enemies. I want to feel as if I’m a human taking down a goddamn mechanical nightmare. The designs of the beasts themselves feel as if the designers have created almost a template where any number of creations can be spawned. We’ve seen everything from velociraptor-deer hybrids with Bane’s Venom tanks attached to them to what I can only describe as a giraffe that slept with the USS Enterprise.


Overall, I’m very excited for this game. However, with the announcement of the new trailer, Guerrilla Games has also unfortunately announced that the game has been delayed to February 28th, 2017. Hermen Hulst, the managing director of the company, felt that this decision was best in order to “ensure that Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to the visuals and gameplay quality that our games are known for. The new date affords us the extra time required to deliver fully on our ambitious vision for Horizon Zero Dawn.” The game releases exclusively on PS4.

The newly released trailer can be watched here:


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