Hideo Kojima makes his triumphant return with “Death Stranding”

I honestly truly don’t know what to say about this game. The content in this trailer astounded me from the beginning, and I’m still recovering from the slap in the face that was that conference. I’m going to try my hardest to start from the beginning of the trailer and work my way through to the end.

It starts off with a quote from the poet William Blake, setting up the atmosphere with “To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour.” Such a vague quote leads into Low Roar’s “I’ll Keep Coming” and truly hammers the creepy atmosphere home. The camera pans over some bones all the way to a naked Norman Reedus (finally, we get to see what that collaboration was) with an electrical umbilical cord attached to a baby. His relieved expression of seeing the child alive mixed with his tears before the baby suddenly dissolves into some black paint in his hands. Reedus then stands, glares around with an angry, thirsty-for-revenge type expression before the camera cuts to him looking up at five floating people before they fade away into the title “Death Stranding.”

death stranding

There are some really bizarre and creepy sounds in this, making me believe that this might indeed be a horror game to some degree. Low Roar’s song adds a level of sci-fi creepiness while Kojima’s team adds the rest of the bizarre assortment of growls and roars.

This game seriously impressed me and I have absolutely no idea what this is going to be. Kojima in his introduction was right. He is definitely back.

Death Stranding is going to release on PS4 exclusively for the time being. Watch Kojima’s triumphant return and the trailer below.

Be sure to follow us as we continue our trek through the rest of what E3 2016 has to throw at us!


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