“We Happy Few” takes a twisted turn on human emotions

Our E3 coverage starts today with a game announced by Compulsion Games. I’ve seen the image for the game a couple times, featuring a woman standing there with a blank expression on her mask. I never really bother to check out what it was, and I regret that decision.

The game appears to be set in a drug fueled 1960s in a town called Wellington Wells, England. The world has been influenced so much by the idea of happiness, that someone created a drug known as “Joy” and is taken to warp the user’s reality into making everything appear happy and bright. The game description tells us that the world is procedurally generated, and that the user must learn to hide in plain sight.


The main character appears to be suffering from a type of PTSD and works at a job reminding me of some type of newspaper (maybe a little reference to the implication that the media tends to skew reviews and news?).  He then wonders around the office, meeting coworkers and peering in windows. The game has a major creep factor, and the shakiness of the narrator’s voice adds a depth and level of uncertainty. The levels only increase when the office party hits a pinata that…starts to squish. When his Joy wears off, the chaos starts. Police come to arrest the “Downer”, or someone who refuses to take their medication.

The gameplay trailer from E3 today shows us a Brave New World drug that meets A Clockwork Orange world. This creepy combination is set to be, in my mind, an underground cult hit that fans of the previous works will no doubt enjoy. The gameplay trailer can be found below, and the game releases this month on Xbox One and PC. It’s currently available on Xbox Game Preview.

Be sure to follow us as we continue our trek through the rest of what E3 2016 has to throw at us!


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