Xbox One S announced by Microsoft

In their E3 press conference today, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One S, a slimmer, sleeker, and more powerful version of 2013’s Xbox One. Starting at $299, the Xbox One S specs are quite impressive when compared to the original Xbox One, especially considering the two are currently advertised at the same price. My predicition for the night: the Xbox One S has a solid chance of outselling Sony’s PS4 if they don’t announce either a price drop, or if the Playstation 4 Neo doesn’t meet the expectations when announced tonight.

Let’s talk looks of the console. The console has been dramatically slimmed down, losing almost 40% of it’s body weight. The sleek design is a huge pro in my mind, and it looks just downright gorgeous. The paint job, dubbed “robot white” by Microsoft, is accompanied by some stylish black accents. While the Xbox One S has gotten rid of the Kinetic port, there is a USB adapter that can be purchased separately, and a vertical stand can be purchased separately for $19.99 for those who want to stand their console upright. The USB ports have also been moved to the front of the console for ease of access along with the controller pairing button.


Alongside the shiny new Xbox One S, Microsoft has decided to upgrade the controller to match the updated design. The robot white color has been added, along with textured grips and the addition of Bluetooth, meaning that the controller can be used further away and used with a Windows 10 PC. Microsoft also announced a project called Xbox Design Lab (an article on that later) that let’s you customize your controller with color schemes, button colors, and personalized engraving.

Since beauty is not only on the outside, the insides of the Xbox One S are a step in the right direct for Xbox’s future proofing. Support for 4K Ultra HD video means that many TVs now and in the future will be fully supported. HDR, or high dynamic range imaging, is also available for games and movies, and will bring colors to a whole new level of brightness. An internal power supply does away with the clunky, massive power brick that many Xbox One users complained of. Specs on the GPU and CPU are still yet to be announced, but gamers can look for some impressive specs considering the 4K resolution.

A special edition, $399 2TB hard drive option will kick things off in August. After that, the $299 version will feature a 500 GB HDD and a $349 version will feature a 1 TB HDD. Of course, the console is expected to be overlooked since Microsoft also announced Project Scorpio, a soon-to-be monster of a console.

X-Box Slim
via The Verge

Be sure to follow us as we continue our trek through the rest of what E3 2016 has to throw at us!


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