“Prey for the Gods” hits Kickstarter with some serious Shadow of the Colossus vibes

“Prey for the Gods” has been announced for some time now, after all, it was started in September of 2014 and revealed back in October of last year. But now it seems that the developers at No Matter Studios have taken to Kickstarter to crowd fund the rest of their ambitious project.

According to their handy Press Kit on their official website, “No Matter Studios is comprised of three lone developers working in the evening hours to create the game they’ve always wanted. With the simple goal to create colossal moments we’ve set forth on our labor of love ‘Prey for the Gods’.” With a large $300,000 backing goal, their ambitions to create a potential Shadow of the Colossus successor are impressive considering the tiny size of their development team.


The game itself shows some strong “Shadow of the Colossus” spirit, with a (currently) unnamed protagonist fighting these bosses of an epic scale. While their official website currently doesn’t give an exact number on how many bosses there will be, given the advancements in technology over the years, I hope the game will be able to create a longer lasting experience like SOTC.

Onto the gameplay itself, their Kickstarter campaign details include “playing as a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter.” The bosses, or Gods, in this case, are all set to have their unique different styles of combat, yet all of them are climbable to give yourself an advantage. The game also features a vast and mysterious frozen world with dynamic snow terrain that you must traverse, intense survival game play, exploration of mysterious temples that contain secrets and treasure, and a dynamic weather and day/night cycle.

For a game that still has a while to go, there’s certainly a ton more information on their official Kickstarter page here. I personally have backed the Legion edition, which includes a digital copy of the game, an elite edition of the grappling hook, and digital wallpapers, soundtrack, and art book. Since games like these are meant to include full immersion, I had to get the soundtrack and art book to get a deeper investment into this beautiful world.

The game is set to release in December of 2017, although no confirmation if it’ll actually take that long. The Kickstarter campaign itself has until August 7th, 2016 to fund their $300,000 goal. “Prey of the Gods” will release (as of writing this article) on PC and Mac. Watch their debut trailer below.



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