Where’s Gamepadd Been?

Other than the fact that I’ve been addicted to Titanfall 2 (pictured above) for the past couple days to the point of forgetting to sleep, we’ve been strategically absent for the past couple months to bring you exciting updates about the future of this site. Other than a complete remodel, from changing our theme to our logo, we’re currently undergoing plans to create another section of the website dedicated entirely to e-sports!

With the increasing popularity of e-sports, an e-sports section is almost required by gaming journalism sites to remain relevant. Down the line when we create this section, we’re even going to start hiring new people to keep pushing content out at a faster pace. The joy of hiring new people on a freelancing website isn’t the ability to make revenue (yet), but to add to a resume to push our writers even further into a career. Rather it be a job to look for another job, or experience for getting into college, Gamepadd will soon be hiring to get content out at a faster rate!

Look forward to more articles coming soon! Sincerely from myself at Gamepadd, welcome back, and we’re glad to have you!

Evan (Gamepadd)


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