Sea of Thieves golden gameplay trailer is shinier than its treasure

Sea of Thieves was originally announced back at E3 2015, but this year, we finally get an in-depth (and rather self-aware) gameplay trailer of what we can expect for the game.

The trailer starts off with some treasure hunting under water with a sunken ship and a bunch of fourth wall breaking jokes, followed by showing off a bunch of riddles for the pirates to solve and follow, leading to a remote island before showing off a bit of dungeon delving for treasure alongside some combat with some cave skeletons. Combat looks smooth and polished, whether it be cannon battles or face-to-face combat with AI or enemy players, which is eventually shown later. One of the more unique features of the game is being able to get launched out a cannon, which looks like a fun addition to climb aboard enemy ships.

Overall, the trailer showed off a great bit of what we can expect to see from Rare’s newest game, which still has no exact release date, but is set to release in “Early 2018.”

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